Chia dog no reward notification on remote harvesters

I got my first reward this morning and was very surprised by it because Chiadog did not notify me. I only found out when I opened my full node and saw my XCH Block Rewards had changed.

I mentioned this as an issue to the developer and got the following back. FYI.

The XCH notifications work only in the following scenario:

> Running full node + harvester + wallet on the same machine and receiving rewards on that same wallet.

Same issue here. Did you ever find a workaround? I guess I’ll just have to check my wallet when the daily summary shows found proofs.

Works for me without any problems. Also, I am not running it on any of my chia boxes, rather only exposing log folders (read only) on my network, and run ChiaDog from a Linux box, where those folders a mounted.

ChiaDog doesn’t understand anything else but log files, so whatever is there, it will parse (therefore, that answer from last May is not valid anymore, as it works fine).

I’m running the latest Chia software and chiadog. I found a block on May 1st but I didn’t get an XCH notification. So I think this is still an issue. I’m running the harvester and chiadog on one machine and the farmer and my wallet on another.

When I hit a block, I receive 3 emails:

> 	Block found!
> 	Cha-ching! Just received 1.75 XCH ☘️
> 	Cha-ching! Just received 0.25 XCH ☘️

Those are all from the full node (of course also running wallet, as the last two are from wallet log). The second is kind of wrong, as I am pooling, and that 1.75 is withdrawn soon after, but CD doesn’t notify about that.

I don’t have logs for that event anymore, so I am not sure what level those are. Although, I am running INFO level (maybe you are on WARNING only). Also, if your rewards go to a cold wallet, I don’t think those emails / notifications will show up, as there will be nothing about it in the logs. Also, if you are not running your wallet, you will not get those last two notifications, as those come from the wallet log.

I don’t recall whether I had to do anything special in the CD config to have those. Also, in my case, I am using email for notifications.

Also, those rewards are included in totals for that day. So, if you don’t have them in your totals, most likely either you wallet is not running, or rewards go to a different / cold wallet.

Yeah, unfortunately, CD dev left the building.

At, yes, the farmer/wallet/fullnode instance is set to WARNING, so that’s probably why I don’t see anything in the log.

You only get block win notifications from the full node with wallet. I do run chiadog on all my systems, full node and harvesters but the instances on the harvesters are just to report issues and check-in to

But like @Jacek says, when a block win hits, you should get at least 2 emails. The “Block found!” email and the “Cha-ching! Just received 0.25 XCH” email. If you are in a pool, you won’t get the 3rd he mentioned.

Actually, you also get that when you are pooling (I am pooling, and am getting it). As mentioned, in my logs I also see that that 1.75 is removed, and there is no notification about it, so created a ticket on CD, and some other person chimed in confirming what I see. So that is not just a fluke with my setup.

I’ve never gotten the 1.75 email. But just a couple days ago, I got the two I mentioned. So I guess there is some inconsistency somewhere.

I installed chiadog on the farmer/wallet/fullnode machine and updated the Chia log level to INFO. Thanks y’all!

For security reasons, you should really refrain from installing anything on your chia boxes. ChiaDog works perfectly fine if it only sees log files, so there is no need to have it running there.

I am not saying that ChiaDog may have malware included. I looked at some of its code, and it was clean, but I didn’t scrutinize everything to be able to say one way or another. Also, so far I don’t think that there were any reports that would implicate ChiaDog in anything. So, most likely that is a clean project.

So installing this on a windows box and map the log files from your main node and harvesters etc.

Doesn’t matter what OS you have on either end. Just share your log folder over the network, and install ChiaDog on some other machine where you map those drives. Although, I had to run a separate instance (complete source) for every log folder exposed. (I didn’t try to install it on a Win box, though, but should be the same.) This way, it is safe, and gives few extra notifications (e.g., some basic stats daily, or when number of plots drops - e.g., disk goes down). All is running just on your box, so nothing is shared with any external services.

Will have to look into what parts are needed to run under a VM guest in windows 10 etc. I try out a lot of things i using Vmware Workstation. I could just clone a machine and install this and point to the mapped log files of the famer and harvesters etc.

It is really easy. My Linux box is headless, so you really don’t need much to run it. If you get stuck, just post it.

The only gripe I have is that if I restart chia side, I need to restart respective ChiaDog, as it cannot recover from a lost mapped / mounted drive. Again, I posted about it on CD Issues page, but that was when the guy was already leaving the room, and had no interest in looking into it. I couldn’t get myself to go over that part of code to fix it.

I have chiadog running in docker, so I’m not too concerned about it.

So this only monitors one system at a time? Can’t do one farmer and 4 harvesters etc.

Yup, that is my understanding, just one log folder per instance. Although, it doesn’t use much (CPU or RAM), so you can make few parallel installations and keep them in separate screens.