Chia Farm “worker” name change for new pools

I have multiple Chia Farming machines that are all running a Full Node and Farmer. I have been setting them up by simply cloning the OS drive from a working farm as it was the fastest and easiest way to bring a farming machine online already synced. Everything seems to be working fine, however they all have the same Node Id, so in new pools i only see 1 worker, which makes it hard to keep an eye on all farmer stats in a pool. I was hoping someone would know how to change the Node Id (same as worker name for pools), so i can separate the farmers with out having to reinstall the Chia for each farmer if that is possible. I have seen people naming their farming machines for pools. If anyone could suggest on how to do it i would greatly appreciate it.

Backup C:\users\vinnitsa.chia then delete all files there, except sqlite db files for mainnet and wallet.

Run Chia GUI and it should ask you to create new key. Enter same mnemonic (24 words) and it will create new instance of all services, but reuse your existing farmer key. One of those services is a harvester. That’s what displays as a distinct “worker” on a pool.

Another option is to backup .chia folder and create a new user on Windows machine. Copy the .chia into new user’s folder and then install Chia GUI, and initialize.

But the best way to organize your workers is NOT to run multiple full nodes. If all machines are on the same network, you can initialize tiny harvester services (no need to copy .chia databases) that will connect to your main full node as a peer. See this guide: Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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Thank you for the help. I do find that seek time
for plots is a little high currently on my network. That is why separate farms/nodes seems to be better and plots confirmation time is under 0.5sec vs at times over 10sec. Once i have better switches network, i may look in to running only a single node.