Chia Farmer stops farming


So after my Farming PC ran for several Days straight without any problems i had a problem yesterday.

Out of nowhere my Farming PC decided to stop farming.
I then restarted the chia client and my PC started farming again.

After 6-7 Hours the same problem occurred again…

So today i had the same Problem…
But this time I restarted the PC.
There was no update or anything so I think the problem will come again…
Did anyone have the same problem or know how to maybe fix it?

  • I have Port 8444 open on my router.
  • I disabled the firewall on my farming pc.
  • I have the latest chia client installed (v1.2.3).
  • All drives are ready, not a single drive is in standby or sleep mode

Looking forward to read some comments :slight_smile:
Thanks for every single comment, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine going for weeks and weeks… and now having the same problem you are, started about the same time.

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Maybe just a Bug, getting fixed soon in the next update?

Without any logs, its gonna be difficult to help you.

Where can I find the logs related to the farming procedure?

In your home directory .chia\mainnet\logs\debug.log

It might be helpful to set your level level to INFO to get a more detailed report the next time a crash happens.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
Will do it


have you managed to fix your problem? It’s exactly what I have at my place…

Without logs is very difficult, however that effect that you show us on the UI looks like a problem of synchronization, but as I said better see the logs

Hello gmit.

This is an old thread and in the wrong category.

I suggest you post your problem details in the Support Category and you will get help there.

Be well.

What should i search my logs for?
Like how do I search to fix my problem?
In my logs it just shows me that it took let’s say 4 seconds but not why it took so long.
Or is there a way to find a more detailed description of why it took so long?

How bad are your response times and how many plots do you farm?
And what is your setup you are farming on?

Seeing a couple people report this so likely a Chia issue.

Obviously my suggestion is to run flexfarmer in hive os so it will auto-restart and you can monitor it from your separate phone/pc and auto-restart it if needed :smiley:

You can also run the regular chia cui from hive os as well I believe.

‘chia.exe plots check’ says about 0.5s, if that’s relevant. I haven’t checked logs yet as I didn’t have time.

I farm on my PC (i7, but used for other things) and plan to move to RPI4 in a week or two. ~450 plots so far.

In meanwhile, I’ve restarted my PC and it’s ok for 2 days now, but I expect the problem will return eventually. What I have noticed is that in the “Last Attempted Proof” list there were no new entries for tens of minutes when the problem existed. Also, I farm Flax in parallel and when Chia was in trouble, Flax continued farming happily…

That’s all I know so far.