Chia Farming Income?

Hey guys. So I currently have 177 plots on my farm (still plotting) and from that, EcoChia has estimated that to be about $1.22 a day based on current netspace an everything. Now, I KNOW this is only an estimation, but I’m gett about $0.30 a day from it, and the “farming status” is currently “good”… I’ve already checked for invalid/missing plots, but everything is looking perfect… Is this just normal, and will go up and down? Or am I doing something wrong? Been farming these plots for about a week now…

I think that $1.22 estimate is high. I have 103 plots and am getting about $0.50 a day with Space Pool. Your $0.30 seems a little low, but only compared to me, and i don’t know if that is a valid comparison. Sounds like your farm is doing fine.

Okay. Just out of curiosity, how much do you think the pool matters?
Are different ones going to give out different amounts?
By a lot?

In my mind as long as there’s people in the pool, doesn’t matter how many you have because as you sequentially gain people in that space, people also earn the rewards more often, and it’s relative to each other. So a bigger pool is no better than a small pool?


I don’t really know enough to answer your question. It would seem that the pool win rate would be the most important thing. That’s random. I think u last point is right on. That would sort of argue that over a long period of time, all pools would provide similar payouts. Again, i really don’t know.

That seems about right. I have about 880 plots on Space Pool and am getting about $4 per day.

Our website shows past 7 days average. So 0.0203 XCH per 100TB ($4.97)=0.02232 per 100 TiB.
And we’re a NFT pool so times that by 1.142 to get your estimate future daily earnings.

Some day you’ll get that .25 XCH bonus.

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Can you explain where 1.142 come from

I am getting approximately the expected amount of XCH/day as computed by for the number of plots I share with, which usually pays out immediately/shortly after winning a block.

I was using EcoChia about a month ago, but it had issues, so I tried multiple other pools and then switched to one of them. I don’t know how reliable EcoChia is today compared to a month ago.

What was wrong with it exactly?

Pool size doesn’t matter (when averaged over a sufficiently long period of time). But it is harder to verify the reliability of a pool smaller than 10 PiB because it takes a relatively long time for the pool to win a block.

“Points Successful in Last 24 Hours” was significantly lower than 100%. One of EcoChia’s updates later mentioned an item “Payouts increased”, so maybe it is fixed now.

In general, I don’t like pools without immediate or daily payouts.

Oh, okay. I can say that their points are at least around where they should be, it should be 100 points per day per plot, and with my 173 some I had yesterday, I came out with 1,700 some points, and it was like 99 points something percent, so it was pretty on spot actually

My math have be wrong but you get 7/8 of your actual income on a NFT pool so 1.142 was the number to reverse it to see 100%.

I like that you guys post such stats, but using TB might be a little confusing for an actual number. I would think that the easiest average for the regular to use would be Average per 100 K32s. Because it’s A. Painful to add up your actual TB with HDD wastage and B. TB versus TiB. So many pain points.

Would be hard to do this given that plots differ in size and likely will be shrinking a bit soon.

Just curious why you say this.

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Chia network said they will shrink it up to 3%

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Shrinkage is just another reason that it would be better to normalize to per plot. I assume a 1x K32 that is smaller by 3% will still function the same as the original, you could just potentially squeeze in more in a HDD. The shrinkage just means your metric will change (profits will go up post change and assuming conversion?)

And also I know about the slight variation in size. But isn’t the point that one K32 should perform pretty much the same as another (on average)? Have you guys found different?


Yes, the plots will be the same just 3% smaller, and we haven’t tested different k32 plots to verify.

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