Chia Farming profit!

Two months ago, I bought a great computer, in addition to a large number of harddisks, this issue cost me more than 5000 dollars, and since then I have been working with Plots (500Plots) and Farming and I did not get a single cent of the profits! is this normal ?
Can you tell me please, When can i get some profits?

Why did you spend $5000 for around 40TB ? This is massively overpriced for the amount of storage and ONE computer for plotting/farming. As it stands now you might not yield any profit for a very long time.

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The requirements for creating a Chia-Plots, a fast processor, a fast RAM, as well as an SSD hard disk, in addition to a large number of HDDs. In the beginning, the recommendations were to make profits to own this equipment.
It seems that the officials of the chia currency do not care about the miners and do not evaluate the money that was spent on mining this currency, this is a very negative thing that will affect the Chinese currencies in the future!
In all currencies miners spend money on equipment, but there is a profit for this spending, except chia!
They are late in issuing official POOL and this is another negative thing

Rewards are like a sweepstakes. You may win, but more likely not, or at least not often. As winning chance = (ur HD plotted)/(all world-wide plots), as as you do not have much plotted…what about 50GB… it will be difficult if not impossible to quickly turn any rewards.

4 better chance - plot more - a lot more.

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With a 3900X, 32GB 3600 RAM, a 70 bucks mobo and 1Tb 980 Pro I plot 52 per day. These combined cost far less than 1000 USD, especially when the 3900X is bought second hand. As for storage, you should aim for around 20 dollars per TB or less. And also, Chia team insisted that you should not buy new hardware for plotting if your only goal was to make profit.

In the beginning, you could not make 16 plots per day with the official program of Chia with your computer specifications.
The news that came out of chia’s website at the beginning was encouraging and we do not know that they will delay the official POOL for such a long period.
Any way, you cannot make 52 plots a day with the X3900 and 32 GB Ram, not even in your imagination!! I own x5950 32 thread, 64gb 3800 Ram and with Madmax I can’t get over one plot in 40 minutes.

Well if you can’t get faster plot, you can also question your hardware before saying it is impossible.
Here is a screenshot

Even for me, there is still potential for improvement as I see people are doing better on this page

Some even reach 70+ plots per day with your CPU and without a ramdisk :wink:

You are right, thanks for this information, i will try with new setting :+1:

To answer your original question - unfortunately yes, this is the experience of most people in the Chia community EXCEPT for the big datacenter companies that rolled out $100k+ setups and petabytes of storage.

No one expected the netspace (total size of the network) to grow SO rapidly - so we all build machines we thought were impressive at the time (100s of TBs) and found out as we were plotting that it only represented 0.0001% of the netspace… which also means those are our odds of winning ANYTHING.

No one can tell you for sure. It depends on variables like netspace and XCH price which are unpredictable.

profit = XCH earned - initial investment - running costs

With 500 plots, you’re currently averaging at $131.52 / month (as per You’re looking at August 2024 as the date when you offset your initial investment. Then you add the electricity cost for keeping the plots online until then. After that, you’re making a profit. Of course this is just a snapshot of today’s netspace and XCH price. Nobody knows what it will be tomorrow.