Chia Farming - The Dark Truth By The Numbers

Just posted a video on the farming mathematics and purchasing power of the hardware

Chia Farming - The Dark Truth By The Numbers


I can certainly understand why you stopped farming … on a power hungry server w/smaller drives no less! Scratching head… were u just planning to get rich at no risk?

XCH is no different than any investment. It can go up or down and will do so, causing great consternation among those who are participants on either side of the trade. But seriously, either way - Thank You for ur efforts… and however you proceed, shutting ur farm, or buying XCH directly, thanks!!! You’re still helping the team :+1:

So what type of hardware do you have to get rid of???

He didn’t factor in anything else but TB price in his calculations, so that is really irrelevant. Regardless of how efficient a farm is, it will just make that math worst.

He also stated that one option would be to exchange what you get at that $10/TB for XCH (a long term solution) what basically makes your second paragraph kind of moot.

So, to me that is just one more option to consider in addition to temporarily shutting down a farm when energy cost will make it not effective.

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Why is it so hard to run the power cord to the house next door??? :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Because not everyone has mom living next door :wink:

My Mom passed in 2012, I give them beer :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

I did factor in the size of the farm, look at the spread sheet.

it shows exactly how long it would take for a 100TB farm for 1 year farming renders 13XCH… and the calculations on if I sold that 100TB and bought chia instead

havent yet I have 118TB to sell now all in 10TB drives

What I was trying to say is that your calculations were sound, whether someone would use it for 1TB or 1PB, your math is size independent and processing side (CPU/RAM/… - computer running the node), so that was a good comment. Therefore, trying to pick on your calculations using efficiency or size was just barking at a wrong tree. At least for me that was really good one.

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You are missing the risk! if chia is nothing worth anymore then you have lost all your invest!

There are different risks for each person. My country has progressive income tax. Every XCH I manage to farm means I have to pay more tax for earnings from my day job.

I do not sell farmed XCH, I hold them. In theory, the following is possible: XCH price rockets to $1500, then my farm gets more lucky than usual and wins several blocks, finally XCH price crashes back to $30. I would end up owning money to tax office and having to sell my farm.

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history repeat week hands go out, allways happen until the next bull run. I think chia could be a winner in a few years. Always good being patient.