Chia farming Ubuntu in terminal without wallet

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 with GUI. I know basics in Linux. I installed Chia from file chia-blockchain_1.2.7_amd64.deb downloaded from github.

I’m starting Chia app just by clicking at icon in program list. This make the whole set running including wallet.

But I’m farming to a cold wallet. So I don’t need to run Chia wallet. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The question is how to run Chia in terminal (without GUI) without a wallet?

How to run the minimal version of Chia in terminal?

As far as I was able to find:

chia start famer-no-wallet

is this what I need ? From what directory I should start this command? Should I use ./ before command? Is Chia and chia something different?

The reason for this is to save computer resources. Memory and CPU usage. I’m not plotting anymore. I have my 2341 OG plots and I would like to farm them for long time.

Thank you in advance for help.

I tried command:

./chia start farmer-no-wallet

and it works.

Presuming “famer” is a typo? Just tossing this out, as I can’t test it, but perhaps “chia stop wallet” after you’ve started the farmer and harvester?

Oh wait, both of you are the same. Never mind, but wonder if the above works?

Yes it works. Ubuntu 20.04. I’m farming some forks with 3 hours ETW and already got some coins in to my cold wallet. So it works for Chia and for all other forks.

./chia start farmer-no-wallet

I’m using farmr app ( to monitor my farm and everything is OK. Just no GUI and no wallet as I wanted.

RAM usage went down a lot. I’m farming Chia and 7 other forks. Using GUI with wallet on ~ 20 GB RAM in use. Now is ~ 11GB.

Now I will have learn command to stop Chia before restart of computer :wink: But this will be lesson for another day :wink:

Did you make cold wallets for the forks too?
and how can we make cold wallets and check the balance…

Yes I farm using cold wallets for Chia and all other forks. It is the most safe way to farm.

I’m using farmr app (GitHub - gilnobrega/farmr: A web dashboard for monitoring Chia farms. Also supports discord and email notifications.) to monitor my farm this app also show cold wallet balance.

Second option is