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Hey everyone,

didn’t found the topic with the list of faucets available so I created a new post.

We launched (just now) a discord bot that awards our users a few mojos once a day. It’s a tiny amount of course, but at least you can join a pool once pools are online, or play around with smart contracts and such. Details here: Chia (XCH) Faucet.

P.S: it’s on discord because it’s much easier to “outsource” abuse protection to discord. Maybe one day we’ll bring it to the web.

Cheers :wink:


Thanks. So my wallet is not empty anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you search even a little?

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Hey Jeff,

there are questions about official faucet, topics about other faucets and questions about joining pools… None of them really fit. If there were a topics like “Let’s gather a list of existing faucets” or “Where can I find a faucet?” I would have used them instead.

P.S: big fan of yours :slight_smile:

Well, feel free to create a topic to gather all the faucets! I think that’d be a useful topic to have, go for it! :clap:

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Good idea, I’ve created a topic at Chia Faucets List with the four that I currently know about, and anyone can add more if they create a faucet. The Chia Garden Discord Faucet is on the list :slight_smile:


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I was a newbie before a year in this field but now no more. Haven’t heard of Chia Faucet but I had installed Engdenton Faucet in my kitchen to a water filter. It seems like we need to create a topic to gather all the faucets as said by @codinghorror one of the good buddies. It would be really intersting.