Chia faucet question

Installed Chia 1.2 in new installation of Ubuntu server 20.04 using same mnemonic as previous install.
Waited until blockchain and wallet had synced.
ran chia wallet get_address and pasted that into
Proved I wasn’t a robot and entered but response was: already sent in unformatted text on a plain white background.

I used the faucet a couple of months ago but using an address derived from different mnemonic.

Pasted address in and just get:

Net balance
Coins remaining
which stays like that ad infinitum.

chia wallet show shows 0 mojo.

I think something may be wrong. Any ideas?

Yeah I wondered about this too. I have two Chia wallets. I tried one a while back, then tried the second and was told “already sent”. So I switched to VPN, and a different session on a different browser - the same. Curious to know whats going on there.

Yes, that is strange.

You can use instead.

Thanks for the alternative but I just tried from a different IP and it worked.