Chia futures from Hotbit launched TODAY

DUDE!! an exchange launched Chia futures today!! :scream: It’s speculation, I know, I know, but even so!!

$2230! lol - It’s awesome hearing people with no idea what chia is talking about the “huge pre-mine.”

With apologies to Wall Street Bets… To the Moon!!!

This will be fun to watch.

:small_blue_diamond: :open_hands:

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Can somebody confirm real money was exchanged? Somebody really paid that amount of money for the promise of Chia?

Heh, I checked again and it is at $687… it was at like $2200 or something ridiculous when I first looked!

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This valuation makes no sense to me. I can’t think of a single coin that launched with anything like this kind of price out of the gate. Someone would need to give me some pretty serious justification for me not to think that’s a scam of some sort.

Yeah who knows. I’m in it for the fun and learning. A “get rich quick” attitude never works in the long run…

I’m all about that get rich over time life myself :laughing:

Also, check the recent twitt of Bram Cohen, Chia futures is trading @ > 9k USD on a more respected website.

An interesting aspect of the price is that the supply of XCH initially (excluding pre-farm) is pretty small. Given that initial supply and folks interested in the tech/community holding, the price per coin could get up there, but then the supply will double in the first month or so.

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