Chia garden pool

Anyone knows why we see substantial drop in netspace today on Garden.pool ? (-50%)

Pool is closing down.

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Any ideas why? Pretty sad

And if I will join another pool, will they payout my chia farmed already?

where is that news coming from? don’t see any public announcements yet

Never mind, didn’t know you where pool operator

@1plot_mainer info is on discord

We announced on discord and will send the mail out today.

Yes, your balance will be payed out even if you’re not in the pool. By the way, it was always like that :slight_smile: Minimal payout threshold does not apply - everyone gets their XCH down to the mojo. Final payout will happen close to the end of the month.

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Anyone looking for a new pool please consider ours.

Its still very small but we are legit. Lots of pools out there are lying their stats :).

Other pools can be found at Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools

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What is the escape lock on

Do you mean relative block heght? 100 blocks or around 30 minutes.