Chia GUI - Farm - Show Advanced Options empty

  • Short Version
    Chia GUI on Full Node does not display any entries under Farm - Show Advanced Options. Not even the localhost entry - it’s just empty.

  • Long Version
    Recently I moved my only Full Node from one Ubuntu server to another. The new Full Node appears to be working ok and I’m port forwarding 8444 to it after removing the router rule pointing to the old. I copied the chia DB across to the new Full Node to save time and it synced pretty quickly. I have 2 separate plotter/harvester machines which have been configured with the SSL keys of the new Full Node and farmer_peer has been amended to point to the new node as well. All appears well and I can see new_signage_point_harvester and farming_info from peer messages in the debug.log file of the Full Node which has been set to log level DEBUG.

In the Chia GUI on the Full Node, using the drop-down arrow under Farm - Show Advanced Options, it is completely blank. I was expecting to see the localhost connection as well as the IPs of the 2 harvesters. This is the behaviour I saw in the GUI of the original Full Node. I’ve tried restarting the GUI on the Full Node several times. Anything I can do here?

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