Chia GUI “farm” tab getting stuck?

So this is something that has started happening recently.

My “farm” tab gets stuck and not updating any new plots, last attempted proofs etc. the plot tab itself is still updating fine while plotting.

Lack of resources available I’m assuming? I am plotting with that machine as well so that’s the only thing I can think of. Was not having this issue before? Anything I should look for, suggestions?

Just asking ,what version of chia are you running (windows/linux) I run windows at the moment. And what spec is your machine cpu etc I know when I try to do too much my machine slows down and needs a talking to.

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5700G CPU
4TB PCIe SSD storage (RAID 0)

I set it to use 6 threads while plotting and a RAMDisk to help with SSD wear

Once I restart and leave the GUI running on its own with no plotting things are working great. I’ll keep an eye on the log to see if it’s indeed a problem hurting my system, but so far this seems to be a problem with the GUI itself.

I do have some spare parts to get another system up and running if needed (would rather not).