Chia GUI is taking forever to open

Chia GUI is taking 10+ minutes to open…

i) it takes ages to get to the front page where it allows you to Select Key.
ii) Once I’ve selected key, I get the “circle of hope” and then it asks me to select key again… and again… and again. Maybe half a dozen times before it will let me in .

  • Reboot does not resolve
  • Installing 1.1.6 has not resolved
  • Config is pretty standard apart from where I have changed xch_target_address to my cold wallet. I have also disabled upnp (and I’ve checked 8444 is open using portchecker)
  • Once GUI opened, I see full node and wallet are synced and al plots present and farming normally

In logs, I’m seeing ConnectionResetError: Cannot write to closing transport

Any suggestions?

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remember the s/w is bringing your node up, checking your plots and setting up threads. Normally chia threads is approx 15-17 in my exp.
It you are impatient watch the task manager, see the threads spawning. That will give you a better idea of the lift that is going on behind the rotating circle of Hope.


Try running from the command line instead:

chia stop all
chia start farmer-no-wallet    # keep it simple for now
chia show -s
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