Chia GUI isnt rich enough

Hey guys,

What a rally since May huh … lol

Ok. Can i hope that someday your GUI will give us opportunity to manage all these node-related, farming and plotting options to use over your local net?

Why must we have JUST one machine with GUI when other must use command console?
Instead why not all PC instance must run GUI:

  • this machine is gonna run as full-node. Chackbox!
  • this machine is gonna run as harvester and as plotter. Chackbox & Checkbox!

How hard is that?
Thanks! And great job!


You are aware that this is not the offical chia network forum right? Its run by the community. Your feedback would be better suited on chia networks GitHub or Keybase.

But yeah, I’m totally with you.


You can do this already. Leave the full node alone and on the harvester go to view and select developer. On the right side of the window there will be a list of tabs. One is labelled network. Click on it and there will be new tabs under it one says “online” which you want to click on and it will bring a drop down menu and select offline. Open Task manager and end task on the chia full node. Your harvester should now be offline. Now share your drives to you full node and add to the plot list and you should be all set.

Sorry, didn’t realize that.

This is just web dev tools, i don’t wanna interact at this level.

How exactly should i share it?

Using windows, go to the plot folder on pc you want to share, look at the folder properties and choose to share it.
Go to other pc, find your other pc in network , use login credentials to allow the share access.

Don’t do this without stopping the first pc from behaving as a full node or you will most likely run into issues running 2 full modes on 1 ip.
You don’t want 2 nodes fighting over 1 port, disabling upnp on all but the main pc should suffice.

How should i stop full_node daemon on other PC, if i just kill the process will it work?

Why can’t we just run a shortcut with a command like “C:\path-to-file\chia.exe -FullNodeOff” or something?

It was explained to you in the thread, but you said you didn’t want to play with the dev tools.
I just edited my config.yaml folder, open in notepad and find where it says upnp true, change to upnp false on all but the machine you want connected to 8444

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where this config.yaml folder(??) is located?

Find chia folder installed on machine.

So drive/users/user profile/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

All the functions are available via CLI. It means anyone can create own GUI with reach interface to suit personal needs.

Ok got it thanks. So once i run another GUI instance on other machine with upnp=false i can use GUI for plotting? Can i teach this sesond machine to farm into the same wallet (key) without sharing folders with plots over local net?

I want this second machine to be synced with full-node one and that main PC should consider plots from second PC.


Possibly, but I don’t see how.

Disabling upnp on the second machine stops it checking for proofs, so the proofs need to be checked by your main machine.
If you don’t allow it network access I’m not sure how it could do that.

What you want is what I do, I think.
I have one node with upnp true, this pc checks the proofs and creates plots, the other pc creates plots and grants access to node by sharing plot folders over network.

If you wanted your 2nd pc to check plots, it would need upnp true, but then your back to 2 nodes fighting over 1 port which is the problem we were trying to solve.

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Ok, sound like a plan! And thanks for your patience.

My goal was to not share plot folders over local net. I was hoping one machine could be in role of full node who is gonna check proofs etc and any other machine JUST node who also has plots on local drives but NOT sharing it, instead all my nodes could cooperate over http (for instance) somehow.

I tried running 2 nodes on same ip and got connecting, disconnecting loops, so only 1 node per ip or they’ll fight over 8444 and have issues.

Maybe what you want is possible, I just made it work the way I knew how.

Lots of ppl had the looping issue of connecting disconnecting when running 2 full nodes.