Chia GUI not able to keep synced with realtime

My farmer GUI is not able to keep synced and is falling further and further behind real time. As a result, im not earning anything from my pool. Right now, it’s drifted behind by as far as 5 days. It’s still moving forward in time, just slower than real time. Running on a AMD 5950x with Windows 10 and 128GB of ram. Host is not using any significant cpu or disk resources.

On what type of drive is your chia db mounted?
What version are you running?

My much older amd cpu ( fx 8350 ) doesn’t struggle with ddr3 ( 32 gb ).

Running Windows 10 on a 1TB SSD. 5950x AMD processor and 128GB of RAM. Im falling behind about 1-2 hours per day or so. Chia blockchain 1.2.9

There was an official chia statement after the first dust storm, where they stated that v1.2.9 is the most affected version, and if it gets behind, it will not be able to catch up anymore. Maybe this is the case.

The problem is not really with resource usage, but rather screwed up code that times out on peer / db connections. Although, you may want to switch your CPU view, to see logical cores. It is possible that just one core is stuck, where all other are basically free.

I would upgrade to v1.2.11, if you can, and see whether the syncing process will run faster.


Well jacek can talk you through lowering peers, but sounds like your machine should be more than capable of handling the load.

What ssd is it?


I’d follow jacek advice above as a first step.

I managed to corrupt my dB in the storm, and had no problem catching up from a 4 week old backup.
I’m on .11

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I did the upgrade and will have to wait and see if it can catch-up


If it stops and gets stuck along the way, and doesn’t show it syncing, deleting unconfirmed transactions and a restart usually get it going again in my experience.

Just restarting chia, not the pc.

Follow @Bones with those unconfirmed transactions first.

Take a look at your CPU usage looking at the logical cores. If you see more usage there, it usually means it is working.

Also, check how far behind you are right now, and check in 5-10 minutes, whether you are catching up. If you are still struggling, post a screenshot of your Connections tab in the Full Node panel.

Don’t forget to make a backup and then reboot your machine then install 1.2.11. I have done this on 4 machines with no issues so far.

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Since I upgraded, it’s now catching up, only 2 days behind as of now.