Chia GUI Stuck at Starting Services

Hello Guys, I’m trying to update my client program from V.12 to V1.4 in Ubuntu. This system was running fine before but I got the notice that I have to update my client to the latest release to be able to farm.

After launching, it asked me to set a master password or something (I can’t remember) but after that, it stuck at “Starting Services” for hours.

Please advice,

Could be corrupt DB.
Which means you gotta re-sync or download the database from somewhere and replace it.

ALso sometimes just a complete reboot of the computer will work.

And sometimes it does take its time to startup

Personally i doubt its a corrupt db, in my experience with a corrupt db the client will still always start up, but wont sync at all once started.

Id try as a first step reinstalling the software in case something went wrong there.

Maybe try a system reboot as advised above first though.


For me it was because I didnt property install GUI. (didnt wait for update to finish or rather I thought it finished so I Quit with ctrl+c). I had retry and patiently waited for update to finish and then all was perfect.

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Things are looking better recently too. I haven’t had to restore the database or reinstall in a while - thumbs up to team Chia; they wouldn’t leave us hanging :sunglasses:.

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Try to kill programs running at port 8444. Hope that helps :grinning: