Chia has disappeared from the GUI wallet!

“Hello everyone,
I just resynchronized everything, created a new address on Flexpool, and received three payments since then, namely 0.1, 1, and 1, as shown in the photo. Today, on April 9th, when receiving my payment, the payment from March 26th disappeared!!! I thought the GUI wallet was the safest option?!
Even the payment confirmation line from March 26th disappeared??!!”
Does anyone know what happened?"

it’s most likely just a problem with the wallet database.

  1. Close Chia.
  2. delete wallet database (not full-node database!)
  3. restart Chia

wallet will re-sync in no-time and all should be well.
wallet database location: /user/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/

GUI wallet on your farming machine is most definitely not “the safest”. It is constantly connected to the internet and your private keys are exposed. Any compromise to your pc or keys and all your xch is gone.
Safe is either a cold wallet or a hardware wallet. (you can use the Chia GUI in wallet mode to make a cold wallet).


Thank you very much for your ultra-fast response.
I removed the wallet_peers.dat file and indeed I found my missing 1 chia…
and everything seems to be working except that it didn’t recreate the wallet_peers.dat file for me in mainet/wallet/db. I hope this isn’t a problem? In any case, thank you again.