Chia icon missing at toolbar in windows

weirdest shit happened recently, somehow app icon has disappeared. official client 1.7.0

happend after update, just restart ur system

i did. not helped at all :slight_smile:

as i had this, the restart solve the problem after an update :frowning:

I have had this with other programs sometimes as well…weird Windows shit

Does the icon show up, and then disappear?
Or does it never show up?

Your “explorer” session might be having an issue.
You can try killing explorer, via the “Details” tab in Task Manager. Your desktop / taskbar will get killed, but your apps / services will keep running.

Then, under Task Manager’s “File” menu, click on “Run new task”, and type in “explorer”.
That should restore your desktop / taskbar. If all goes well, your icon will show up, too.

Just a shot that it might help. But even if your icon re-appears, the root cause of the issue remains unsolved.

First of all it will also kill the whole session you’re running incuding chia client. Seconds of all that’s what is about to happen naturally after reboot :slight_smile: Afterlall this doesnt help either :upside_down_face:

i’m kind of nervious because of shit like that because you start to suspect something isnt alright with exe …

p/s it used to work properly even after i have rolled back to 1.7.0 a week ago or something

Killing “explorer.exe” will kill your taskbar. Everything else will keep running. All of your windows will remain as they are.

When you start “explorer.exe”, you will get your task bar back, and hopefully it will include your Chia icon.

Note that, depending on your hardware, your task bar might not appear instantly. It might take a few seconds. And after your task bar returns, it might take a few more seconds to include your icons of running windows. But everything should show up quickly, if not instantly.

A few months ago, I had a task bar that got frozen (I never figured out why). Restarting explorer.exe fixed the issue, and left everything running.

In the above video, he restarts explorer via a slightly different method, within Task Manager.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.
If, after a reboot, something unidentified causes your task bar to misbehave, then restarting your task bar (restarting explorer) could fix your task bar from whatever made it misbehave.

So, yes, a reboot will give you a clean start. But then something might kick off that makes your task bar act up. So restarting your task bar after that event might give you a clean task bar that stays clean.