Chia Light Wallet Beta - now with 1.3, what's the upgrade path?

  • Fedora 35
  • Installed Chia Light Wallet dev version from a few months ago.
  • Have a decent amount of XCH in it.
  • Standalone PC, not doing any plotting/farming/harvesting on this machine.

With 1.3 officially released now, it looks like I just download the Fedora/CentOS Chia 1.3 release and only use the “wallet capabilities” in it (at least that’s what I gathered from the release notes)

Is it the case that I would just install 1.3 and it would pickup the existing light wallet setup and sync and go?

I wanted to double check before attempting any of this.

Just install 1.3.
It will ask at startup what you want to run (wallet or full node).

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Thx my dude.

FYI for anyone wondering here is what I did and it was click-and-play:

  1. Open Software Center, uninstalled the Light Wallet Beta.
  2. Downloaded 1.3 for Redhat/CentOS from
  3. Ran the RPM, Software Center popped up, clicked Install.
  4. Ran the new “Chia Blockchain” that was installed.
  5. Prompted for a Master Key to protect my other keys - created one and entered.
  6. Prompted with a new splash screen “Wallet Only Mode” or “Full/Farming Node” (I forgot the exact wording)
  7. Clicked “Wallet Only Mode” and it started up, screen looks the same as the beta, all is right with the world.

Settings screen looks like this now: