Chia lost after transferring from exchange to Chia client address

Hi, I decided to move my chia from an exchange to a Chia address so i downloaded the official macOS Chia client from the official website, went to token > XCH > Receive and copied the address.
Afterwards I transferred my funds from the exchange to this address.
It has been more than an hour and I have not received anything, my balance still shows zero. What is worse, the address from the chia client cannot be found on (

The address is

It appears that the address was not even synced to the blockchain. I do not get it how anything like this could be possible in an official client. Is it a bug? Could you please explain to me what has happened and give me some advice on how to retrieve my funds?

are you in wallet mode or full node mode?
Make sure to be in wallet mode and wait for the client to be synced, it can take a while the first time.
What is the wallet address on the exchange side?

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Transaction came thru like an hour ago, balance is 1.4799 XCH now.
Guess the exchange is in no hurry to part with coins/tokens;-)
Everything ok then?

(XCH address is not registrered on the blockchain before a first transaction to it has been made)


I have had issues with xchscan frequently as well. I propose to use another webpage.
Spacescan for example shows the address with the amount without issues:

additionally, exchanges can take quite some time to process your funds, inbound as outbound.


I bet (20 characters)…….

Thank you for all your replies. Fortunately, everything went through successfully. It was a rather scary to wait and see almost 2 hours for the funds to be deposited to my chia wallet address.
You were right, the chia client syncing also takes some time. I am really happy that it all worked out in the end :slight_smile:


Had the same issue with gateio. Saying confirmed and blockchain pending but it took 3 hours to reach.

I have also checked the tx_id they gave but it was not found on the mempool. I don’t know if they try to send transaction with 0 fees and they get removed from the mempool.

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