Chia mining but not turning funds

Does anyonehave the same problem as me . Im mining Chia but i dont see the result

Maybe you should try farming it like the rest of us.

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How ? If u could , because im mining but i dont see nowhting coming

I was joking. The term with Chia is farming, not mining. You don’t “mine” chia. That is a bitcoin and other crypto term.

As for your issue, you are not synced yet. Notice the “Syncing” message next to Status. You will not begin farming until the node is synced. And then, you can check under the farm tab on the left to see your farming status.


It was synced at the morning , and didnt gaved me a result , if u dont mind , i send u an image when i am synced so maybe u will be abble to help me ?

So i see in this way but i dont se the total Total Chia Farmed Remain still 0

This is normal. Your first Chia is expected to be won in 6 years from now as the interface noted. It is a lottery so you could win tomorrow or maybe never.


ok Thank u i just thought that maybe i sholud see 0.000001 for example

No, it is all or nothing. But when pools are available and you are part of a pool, then you would expect a small amount daily. But until then, it is win or lose.


No, you either win 2 or nothing. Once pools get launched this might change.

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Im trying to do an investment with total 320 tb . Do u think it worth

Only you can answer that question.


Im just trying to understand if its luck to farm chia or depends on the tb ?

There are for now 4,608 lotteries per day. This amount will gradually be reduced to 4 per day over the next 12 years. In each lottery you have a chance of winning proportional to your size of the netspace, which at the moment is 10.5 EiB and growing at a exponential rate (see ).

My advise: Have fun playing with Chia, but do not buy anything if you are looking to make a profit from it. The numbers just do not add up any way I’ve looked at them.


Thank u so much luck to all

I wonder how much of the EiB is still oblivious to the fact that their farmed ticker will randomly start from 2, and not some decimals worth of Chia paid out daily…