Chia Mining capacity

I have setup a chia mining platform with
Motherboard asus
Intel i5-10400
Ram 32gb
Hard disk 23tb separated on ten hard disks with two tb and three hard disks with three tb.

Is it enough for chia minig

Use the NVMe as temp-drive and the Harddisks to store the plot-files and farm away.

Thanks for your reply.
I am new on this field and completely uninformed. I hope I can make it

The i5-10400 is a 6 core CPU. With Hyperthreading (HT), you have 12 logical CPU’s.
Your 1 TB Drive you should partition and format to 900GB to leave a little over 100GB free. This allows the drive to have slack space for wear-leveling and garbage-collection and perform more consistent.
900 GB means you can have 4 plots running in parallel when staggered (60 minutes minimum for starters)

Use a good plot-manager to manage plots. With Swar Plotmanager for example, you can tell it to run 1 stage-1 plot at all times and have a max. of 4 plots going in total at any one time so that those 900GB don’t fill up and cause plot-jobs to crash.

Those 12 logical CPU’s are not real. 6 are real and 6 share CPU resources with the physical 6 cores making 12 Threads. You can add about 20% performance due to HT meaning you have 6 + 20% = 7 Cores worth to work with while plotting without threads in a core stepping on each others feet and dragging everything down. The other 5 threads are for the OS and farming but that’s all low util. stuff so that’s ok.
When running 4 plots in parallel with 4 Threads in Stage 1 and the other 3 plots in stages 2 to 4 (which are all single- threaded) due to staggering, you will use 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 7 cores at full utilization which matches the 7 cores you can use.

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Chia farming scales linearly. There is no min or max, you just have chances of winning equal to your % of total net-space. If you are in it to maximize profits, or more accratly, minimize losses, the only thing you can do is seeking to lower your average cost per plot.