Chia missed signage

From 10:10 am - 3:30pm my farming system was throwing error’s about missed signage. 3:30pm it just stopped. The entire time I was checking everything I could to figure out what was causing the issue. I was monitoring this system remotely, Never got disconnected for bandwidth problems.

In short I have no explanation, If it were one chain I would suspect it was just that chain. But I was running 5-6 chains at the time and all of them were giving these errors.

At this point I think it possibly was my ISP. Of course I have no easy way to proove this, But I wanted to through this out there and see if anyone has encountered this and may have some insight?

I’d tend to agree, if all chains had issues I’d be suspecting isp also.

Check this out.

It’s called Net Uptime Monitor - It’s a simple program that does exactly what you want - continuously monitors your internet connection and writes a plain text log of every failure that occurs, including the start time and length of the outage.


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There may be other free programs available but this only cost short money $9.95.

Nice little tool. It is hard to find basic monitoring tools that do simple monitoring.

In my situation though, I know my connection is good because being that I am remoted into my network at the time this is happening and I don’t loose connection or have any bandwidth problems.

I almost suspected my ISP may be blocking some of my traffic given the nature of all the connections which look similar to Bittorrent traffic. Hence why I am asking in a more public forum to see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

End result if no one else has similar issues I would need to just keep digging into my setup and see if there’s something I am just missing.

Reducing no of peers is the normal route if your not staying synced, plus making sure your db is on a fast drive.
Or possibly vpn if it is isp blocking.