Chia Network Launches Native Peer-to-Peer Trading Services

Chia Network Launches Native Peer-to-Peer Trading Services for Wallet Holders

“Through Offers, Chia wallet holders – called makers and takers – can create and accept trade offers. Chia said that the service allows any two users to complete trades securely without fees, counterparty risk or the need for middlemen custodians that characterize centralized exchanges.”



Excellent! I’ll pay you one USDS for every XCH. It’s a very generous offer.

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Be interesting to see how it’s implemented, and if any consideration is given to legal requirements of ppl using it.

Thats the kind of stuff id like to see on ther hp.

This is the sort of thing that is required for Chia to develop real value. So far I have traded all the Chia I have farmed for bitcoin - expecting the price to continue drop - and thus far I have been right. This does get me closer to starting to hold onto some of my Chia.

The one of the next developments they need to do (and one that is essential before I start holding onto Chia) is real hardware wallet support. At this time all the wallet options out there I am aware of involve either having a program running on your computer at all times - or else some cludge involving deleting keys from a computer system and hoping they really got deleted. I am uncomfortable having my mnemonic touch any internet connected computer (or any computer that might get connected to the internet in the future), and it is hard to take the security of a wallet seriously that is happy to spit out its mnemonic phrase at any time in response to something typed on the command line.


This is EXACTLY what it looks like is going on lol. All the buyers offers are extremely low and all of the seller’s offers are extremely high. Nowhere near current market value from an exchange. I guess it’s NEAR, but its at least a few dollars off. Still better off to purchase through the exchange for now in my opinion.

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Where do you see these offers?

/nevermind - it’s in the lite wallet I hadn’t installed to check out yet

The light wallet is what you use to create and accept offers. But the list of offers is visible here:

Hehe, the greedy little grubbers are trying to generate some arbitrage. Most if not all transactions look priced to be immediately converted for profit, so I predict little, if any, material volume.

I think it is called market making

And I’d agree. Lots of euphemisms in business. It’s still a greedy process.

When some trickster eyes my classic Stratocaster, and then endeavors to buy the Strat for a fraction of what it’s worth, my first instinct is to punch the fellow in the nose. It’s insulting.

Sure, people like a bargain…because it screws the seller over to the buyer’s benefit.