Chia not synced even though node is fully synced

Hello Everyone,
I coul’d find in topics : Wallet not synced even though node is fully synced,
I have the opposite problem, with chia status syncing keeps being red…, so im not farming any more…

also i lost The NAT option in the IPv4 Network menu , because now of IPv6 & IPv4 CGNAT.
but it worked without problem until i restart the pc…?
Looks like syncing is done but does not finalized?

Any link that could help would be welcome, thank you in advance

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It is possible that the database is corrupted. You need to delete it and start syncing again.


If the usual tricks of cycling “reload” and “force reload” under the view tab at the top aren’t working, or closing everything it all down and deleting the wallet folder contents before firing it all back up… I also agree the DB folder can be cleared and resync from scratch as a last resort.

I had similar issues recently (node status going red even though I’m connected) and haven’t had to resync myself though. Usually shutting the whole computer down and completing the above steps a couple of times always got me online again and synced (DB and wallet). It’s kinda like starting a clunky lawnmower - keep at it.

Thanks ,
it is really strange,
as syncing is all right , the high seems also right : Syncing 3,321,372/3,328,640
but still in red…?
restarted pc, added :
but nothing… , since 2 days…
had also allready similar issues , but never took 2 days…??
I actually think it’s related to the router, I have fiber but port 8444 might be causing some slowness.? because of IPv6 & IPv4 CGNAT? no more NAT to open port…