Chia offering fee, what is it about?

I wonder: when you create an offer, there is a field for a fee. Is that so the offer gets pushed onto the blockchain or is that so that the buyer can actually purchase the item?

In either case, whats the recommended fee? from what I’ve heard it’s 0 but from my current experience with minting and sending transactions, this seems fishy to me…

It’s a gas fee to accelerate / ensure that your transaction gets priority treatment. For 5mojo? U should get a near instant transaction. I thought it was 5mijo but could be also 5000mojo.

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I really am not sure.
Its either what @sneakernet said.
Or possibly its to put the data on the chain as smart contract like when you create a nft.
Id assume the latter but thats pure assumption on my part, just makes more sense to my brain that way.
Ive nvr used offers so nvr researched it.

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It’s not the offer file :slight_smile: he talks about fees like in gas fees. Chia has a great documentation in their website . 5 or 5000mojo is the minimum gas fee that counts a non zeeo

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there are different informations around. I dont remember if it was incrementation steps of 5 or 50.
I have also heared that everything under 100 counts as 0 and hpool clients wont even accept any transaction under a fee of 1000.

That beeing said, I think I am a little further now. I created offer files with an assigned fee and the fee balance got locked away (simmilar to when you do a transaction, just it does not show an outstanding sum)
My best guess is that this fee is now attached to the offer to accelerate the offer beeing executed for my customer. Once the offer gets executed, the fee will be taken and the rest will be released back to my account. Huh. What a nice way to lock up balance -.-


Yes, as far as I know that’s exactly how it works.

Be really careful with that fee! Put in 0.00000001 if it won’t take 0
In fact i made a mistake on my first offer but luckily didn’t lose anything

yes I see… Better leave it empty :sweat_smile:

I guess I could buy the offer mysef or perhaps cancle it to release it.

Luckylie all chias i own so far are peanuts for me. But I believe in the project.

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