Chia offers liquidity problem

Come on guys lets bite the bullet and add liquidity to the offers pools !

Bit vague, which offer pools sre you referring to?

I looked into them all , non realy active

I only had one qustion and you failed to answer it.

You call on us to add liquidity, without even bothering to share links.
Why should we put time / effort into your idea if you cant be bothered to?


It also begs the question, why bother if

We need to ask ourselves, who runs the brige and / or contracts, are they safe to use.
The amount of crypto locked in unmaintained bridges / contracts / networks must be in the millions, and thats if funds arent just drained / pulled out by bad actors.


have u lookk into offers recently ?
not much to it just platform to share offers .

Ive nvr looked at it, traditional exchanges are used for a reason, speed, efficiency, volume.

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saw this recently, maybe it interests you:
Taichia Liquid -An arbitrage DAO for Chia : chia (

I have not tested it so don’t know if good or not

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