Chia online ploting -cheapest- if server are idle

While/when my server are idle I can provide better price… then usual

As we none know each other my only trust is 8 + years at bitcointalk forum so you can PM me there and check its me: View the profile of reb0rn21

for price write me a PM or find me at discord reb0rn#2665 or telegram @reb0rn21 declare what order you have so I can give you better price, if my server are idle I will also offer discounts here

plots are uploaded to google drive and shared with your gmail account, you can download directly from google drive or use rclone to mount all shared plots by me (how to use rclone I will provide guide)
Speed of download depend on you internet connection over rclone, files will not be deleted but I expect you download it in a two week or so

Payment is on ETH/BTC/LTC up front minimum for 100 plots and rest as they are being ploted…

You provide me with pool public and farm public key and gmail address where they will be shared (first plots will be there after ~6h after server start to plot)!