Chia plot analyzer in Microsoft store

An interesting utility appeared

Has anyone installed this utility Chia plot analyzer?

Oh wow. This is…okay. I know I rolled a video on this topic, and like people didnt watch it until the end but the concept of a “low quality” plot needs to be understood. As well the generation of the set of challenges used to check with the local machine vs the generation of hashes from the actual fastest timelord will be different. low quality plots are essentially not a thing if you increase the -n checks to say 1000 then they will normalize to high quality. Running a plot check based off 30 checks really does not provide you any meaningful difference outside running the baseline check that just ensures a plot can be opened and is a valid format.

The valid check is to run a test to look for plots that are corrupt / have permission issues but checking the “quality” of a plot is of 0 meaningful use.