Chia plot copy fail?

I’m pretty sure this is a permission issue of some sort. I just don’t know what to look for. I’m using a spare system I came across to do plotting for me. And the destination is my main rig via SMB.

I can manually access my share. I can create files. delete them. copy stuff over.

But when chia runs, it gives me “Could not copy…Error Operation not permitted.”

I’m a linux noob, but the way I’m doing this is I’ll run a script to mount the share. Then i’ll run the script that has my chia commands to run in the background (so I can close the terminal window). I’m guessing chia is running in a different user context than my user and it can’t see the share?

Appreciate any help.

ps- I’d combine the scripts, but in testing and canceling, I wanted to separate the functions because I don’t know bash enough yet.

to answer my own question for any linux noobs also doing what I’m doing, basically: Mount Windows Shares For Everyone on Ubuntu 17.04 | 17.10 • Website for Students

need to give ‘nobody’ rights to the mount point so everyone can see it. This is not useful if you have a shared system, but I’m using it strictly for plotting, no one else logging in.

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