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Hi, I wanted to share our plot creation service with you.
We all know how it works, we just need your public keys and we will plot for you.
We also have “starter” packages for those who want to start without large investments.

Inside the site all the details, costs and contacts. (For a real-time reply use telegram)

Another important (and sometimes rare) service, we can receive and ship HDDs without surcharges (courier only).

In our area (Italy) large HDDs are easily found, we can buy, plot and ship for you.

Just as a FYI to the readers, before you buy anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and, as mentioned in the opening post, never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked :+1:

Of course, safety first of all.

We also have “split” sales plans for slow connections, you tell us how many plots you can download per week and we have them ready for you! (Discounted price for this mode)

Telegram @BuyChiaPlot

I tried to add plot from another machine I brought on USB disk to try it out and for some reason Chia would not accept that plot at all.
Is there a procedure to do so, I do not want to try and error experiments and get no results.



Hi, when you created the plots on a separate machine did you use the same keys? We can give you a free plot to see if it works.
How many plot o you need?

Hi. I used same wallet mnemonic wording to both machines,

Did I mis any step?


Good fun witch Chia BTW.


you put the plot in the same folder where the recognized plots are contained, right?


Firs I tried to add additional USB drive to second machine as a folder. That was no problem but no plot was reckoginzed / added.

Then I copied that plot to folder/disk where other plots were made by second machine, no success even after rebooting PC few times.

I’d love to try to add maybe some small sample plot to avoid huge Internet use if possible


Special prices and services.

We also offer pre-plotted HDD shipping service and HDD supply! (subject to market availability)

We offer starter packs of just 50 plots for starters, and a supply of over 300 plots per day for bulk quantities starting at $4.50 / plot

We also have plans designed for slow connections, only $3 per plot with slow delivery!

Contact us on Telegram @BuyChiaPlot, via email e sul nostro sito

We have added a 10 plot plan and an exclusive auction system to our site.
(At the moment the auction has 10 plots for only $ 3 in total, place your bid)

Furthermore, all those coming from this forum who will contact us through our site will receive a 30% discount.
BuyChiaPlot (telegram, real-time response)