"chia plotnft show" looks wrong

I have been looking at the instructions for installing/configuring FlexFarmer, and one of the instructions is to copy your Launcher ID using " `chia plotnft show". In the example it gives a multi-line detailed output:

`Wallet height: …
Sync status: Synced
Wallet id 2:
Current state: FARMING_TO_POOL
Current state from block height: …
Launcher ID: 4973f2b459881b08295dff931c26dc0e511ce6fd46948e142ee151b1f97d7f23
Target address (not for plotting): xch1d00pur r0n5ae8hz706rcwge90m09w00wa4v78d9fpawgdhs6p0fsjt6rd8
… etc. etc…

But all I get is:

Wallet height: 1949566
Sync status: Synced

Any ideas?

I dont know but my first thought would be that you are only running a wallet only, not a full node?

On start-up of the GUI it says staring farming etc. including Full Node. Under Full Node status, it says Synced and Connected. How would I check that I am really running Full Node etc. Sorry for dumb questions, but I am fairly new to this, and on a really steep learning curve. Running Ubuntu 20.04.4, and Chia software version 1.3.2.dev134…

Ok well let’s start at the beginning then.

  • Do you have a farm running with plots already on it ?
  • Are the plots made with an NFT (pool contract address)?

In the GUI you can see the “pool” tab. If that is empty then you should start there and create a new NFT.
That NFT will then have a launcher ID that you can use.

If there is already an NFT there you can just hover your mouse over the question mark next to the name and you can see your launcher Id there.

.dev is not a release version. I don’t remember how the Linux process went but there is some step where you can/should pick the latest release version. (should be fine for now though, especially if you want to switch to Flexfarmer. But if you keep having trouble you might want to try installing the regular version)

  • Do you have a farm running with plots already on it ?

Yes, I have just over 300 plots
I originally created plots with the GUI, but for the last 100 plots or so I have been using MadMax.
The Plots page in the GUI says they are farming
In the Farm page, the Latest Block Challenge is updating every few seconds

  • Are the plots made with an NFT (pool contract address)?
  • In the GUI you can see the “pool” tab. you should start there and create a new NFT

Ok is this my mistake? I did not want to join a pool (yet), so I have never visited this page or configured anything there. Is it too late? Am I going to have to recreate all my plots? Please say no :slight_smile:

OK, after what you said I took a gamble and went in and created a self-pool. That all seems to have worked, and “chia plotsnft show” is showing Launcher ID etc. However I now have a different wallet receive address, which is confusing (me). Are the plots I previously created associated with this pool, or do I have to do something further? Again apologies for hassle…

Need to upgrade to 1.3.4 at least

Not having a good day! Upgraded to the latest version of chia, using the instructions on github, got an error “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘chia_rs’”.
Ever since then when I try and start the GUI i get “loading keyring status” for ever!
I am thinking of re-installing from scratch, can anyone point me in the direction of docs/instructions to do that but keeping my existing plots?

You don’t have to join a pool to make NFT plots, just need that address to make them.

2 things very important before re-install

  • make sure you have written down the correct 24-word mnemonic (your private key) otherwise you have to make new plots.

  • less important but very usefull, keep a copy of the database file somewhere, will save a lot of time. (After re-install copy the database file back into the directory /user/.chia/mainnet/db/

Unfortunately, if you did not make a pool NFT before making the plots, you cannot use these plots with a pool.
When you make plots, the NFT (contract address) has to be assigned to the plot when you make it.