Chia Plots $2.625/plot. 12 K32 plots for $31.50
8TB (73 plots) for $182.5

Selling Chia Plots for super prices.
To download we use FTP Server (much faster) and we have competitive prices.
If you want to send the physical HDD, that would be the fastest solution.
By the time your HDD arrives in our office, the plots will already be done.

Just sent the email.

Where are you located?
Your prices look good. Looking to get 4 x 4TB filled with plots.

Received. Just responded back

We are in California.
Price for 4TB (36plots) is $90/each

Does USA have better prices for HDD?
I see you have the option to buy the HDD for me.

Yes, prices in USA are going up currently but we believe they are still the lowest compared to outside of USA.

What is the price per TB including the HDD + shipping for SAS drives?

If you decide to go with a 8TB Enterprise Level, SAS 12G/s the price we were able to find is as follows:

  • $395 HDD (this price can change anytime, we do not have control)
  • $182.5 for the plots (73 plots)
  • $30 domestic shipping, $80 international shipping