Chia plots check doesnt show pool pk


My space pool dash and my cli dont show my plots.
I found that chia plots check shows no pool pk
2021-07-11T10:13:18.408 chia.plotting.check_plots : INFO Testing plot /media/wit/Farma2/plot-k32-2021-07-09-22-56-d5884643f2084a90ee85774ff1e53649e0207ef9d329d417c6fb311cd25fd716.plot k=32
2021-07-11T10:13:18.408 chia.plotting.check_plots : INFO Pool public key: None

Can this be a reason? What shall I do?

cli shows my first plot in pool, “chia plots check” shows no pool pk too.

Same here. no pool pk too

nft plots don’t have pool public keys, og plots do. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Screenshot from 2021-07-17 15-51-14

Also from the chia wiki:

When you create a new portable plot, you must assign it a specific Plot NFT (for those using CLI, this replaces the Pool Public Key -p with a Pool Contract Address -c). All plots created with the same Plot NFT can then be assigned to a pool for farming. You can have many plot NFTs on the same key.

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