'chia plots check` shows Pool and Farmer public keys I don't recognize

Watched a BudgetTech Dad video on YT - learned about the chia check plots command so I decided to run it to see what my ‘luck’ looked like on my plots.

Got output like:

2021-05-29T05:44:19.312  chia.plotting.check_plots        : INFO     Testing plot /mnt/<SNIP>.plot k=32
2021-05-29T05:44:19.315  chia.plotting.check_plots        : INFO     	Pool public key: 94b13a4a83891b7eff5d4b6bbb2aa816e73025775b5ee7d33822d474f7c56c80292599d4c185864745d0cd2b31660bb1
2021-05-29T05:44:19.322  chia.plotting.check_plots        : INFO     	Farmer public key: 8a0c5d0576518ebb31a10d0306e3053ed90c3a5b5b6fce8ec1607338a64b0daa58458c97a89ecaa9d5e548c151c28cce
2021-05-29T05:44:19.322  chia.plotting.check_plots        : INFO     	Local sk: <SNIP>
2021-05-29T05:44:34.475  chia.plotting.check_plots        : INFO     	Proofs 35 / 30, 1.1667

Ok, but that doesn’t match the 2 keys under:
Chia GUI App > Farming > (top right menu) > Manage Farming Rewards

  • Both those keys on that screen match each other - which I sort of expected.
  • This key matches the ‘Receive Key’ on the Wallet screen - also which I expected.

So then I went to:
Chia GUI App > Keys > (click 'eyeball icon') > See Private Keys

and it doesn’t match the Public Key listed there there (nor does that Public Key on that ‘eyeball’ screen match the one on the Manage Farming Rewards key page…)

So I’m seeing 3 different keys and none of them match. What makes me the most nervous is that I see no reference to the keys coming out of the chia plots check command to anything I observe in my wallet.

I SORTA feel like that’s not great… thoughts?

try chia keys show

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That was helpful, I think I see enough commonality that I am no longer nervous.

Fingerprint, Master public key and First wallet address all match things I recorded from the initial wallet creation.

Farmer public key and Pool public key don’t match anything I see in the GUI or my notes so maybe those are a hash of something I’m not recognizing.

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i haven’t barely used the GUI so i can’t help you with that… but your farmer pk and pool pk of your plots when you do chia plots check should be the same ones you see when you do chia keys show

just make sure you don’t have several addresses on your computer, maybe that’s why you see different keys.

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They are, thank you!

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That’s a great point, those match the farmer keys.

What is the Private Key telling us, though? That field has always confused me.


my math and cryptography knowledge are pretty limited to fully understand this paper on proof of space construction

however, i did a brief read recently and based on what i understood i believe this refers to the plot seed. Have just checked how these plot’s private keys look like and taking into account that each one is composed by 64 alphanumeric characters, definitely it can be the plot seed refered on the paper; which basically is (from what i understood) a unique seed used by the plotting algorithm to generate the plot.

maybe if there is an expert around would be great if he can clarify this… i’m curious too.

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