Chia plots check: " -xxxxxxxxde.plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list."

When I run chia plots check I got 29 errors like:

021-06-01T10:12:48.538 chia.plotting.plot_tools : WARNING Plot /media/wit/Farma1/plot-k32-2021-05-24-22-11-f4b6b1381c81184b3d466a8a7c9e0c76ae086dea85e6738d9161a1a1ac7989de.plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list.

I have gotten to change the wallet, because of problem with plotting in Ubuntu. I couldnt been bothered to write the mnemonics, so I created a new wallet and new keys .
So it’s obvious these refer to earlier plots from the other system/wallet.

Can anything be done to get them be recognized with current public key?

Thanks in advance

As far as I know you have to replot them since the private farmer key is required to claim the rewards

Nevermind. I found out.

There is a command chia keys add that lets you add a key with the mnemonics. Works like a charm!

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Did you use -p/-f params to specify Pool and Farmer Public Key upon plotting? If so, and you have not imported your private keys onto the plotter where you assumingly run chia plots check, this is expected afaik. It should work without flaws when you move those plots to the farmer that has the keychain present.

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