: 1 free plot , 2€/plot always , control panel UI , fully automated , paypal payments, live system status, worlwide network

We just lowered the price!

We were selling at higher price till now but just added capacity ( and new capacity coming online soon so we want to be sure to fully backlog )

  • there is 1 plot free for everyone, so you can test everything ( control panel, automation and downloads )

  • the price is fixed 2€/plot ( any order amount ), so you can start small and go big ( to increase speed )

  • payment over paypal ( crypto coming soon contact us if you need )

  • emails on jobs completitions

contact us by email at if you need help of have suggestions ( free plots for bug info… some user here can already confirm that :slight_smile: )

don’t abuse the free plot services with multiple accounts

  • 1 more thing : there could be a bit of crowding in the first few days due to the price change and the retroactive free orders, soon all will be served (from the homepage it is possible to monitor the overall load and in the control panel the progress of each single plot)
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You only have one option: K-32.
If you have K-34 option, I would order some. Otherwise, I have a good machine, no thanks.

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Ho thank you for the feedback it’s the courts time someone ask for k34 plots I’ll think about it… at the moment we had be implemented everything about the standard k34 …
May I ask why do you prefer k34 ?
Thank you

Because a K34, when it passes filter, provides the best number of quality “proofs” (the highest number), and we will never need to replot again for 20 or 30 years from now.
For me personally, 1 K34 is better than 4 K32s. So I would happily pay 10€ for 1 K34.

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If you plan for longevity for more than 5years it make sense indeed… I’ll think about that…

being a sysadmin myself when I think about 5y from now i think that maybe there will be changes in hardware solutions and that you are going to change hard drives (to more cheaper space\power newer hdd\ solutions) and maybe in 5y from now you will be able to plot completely in ram or some kind of optane drive so replotting on those new larger drive with even pooling keys 5y from now will not be a problem i think…
But your request anyway interesting … would be very interesting knowing how many farmer here would be interested in k34 … Just out of curiosity right now… how many tb are you filling with k34 ?

Our mailing system is under maintenance till tomorrow so no emails for completed \ expiring plots in the meantime… but we delay all plot expiration until mail system is back online tomorrow btw

fixed, email system of is back online , now you receive daily email IF there are completed plots awaiting download OR awaiting download-confirmation ( cancelled from storage ) OR if there are plots awaiting public keys in order to start plotting…
let me know if you have any issues with that.

note that at MAX only one email is sent every day… and only if some user action is necessary, no ads or similar, account full cancellation is 1 click from control panel

we received the report that the message we sent via email that signaled the completion of the plots and the waiting for cancellation by the user was written badly… and could be interpreted as a desire on our part to delete the plots, it is not so !

the message is now:

you have plots which are awaiting download since more than 24h! (please trigger cancellation once you have downloaded it so we can reserve more queue workers to you!)

plots are deleted only after 8+ days of completion…
I hope it is clearer, in any case just reply to the email and if it takes more days to complete the download we can block the automatic deletion, just reply to the email to contact us,
good day everyone!

thank you for your feedback and please don’t hesitate to contact us for questions :slight_smile:

We also re-triggered the email for every user for today in order to avoid further misunderstanding from the previous bad wording ,

1 more thing: we just scaled up and added 20% capacity