Chia plotting on ubuntu server

Hey guys

I did not know about this forum until a couple of days ago. If anyone is interested i have an git repo which has been laying around for some time now, which makes the plotting easier (at least for me).

Please feel free to check it out.

Thanks for sharing;-)

Can you elaborate a bit about the Move Plots option. There are several scripts around to do this, just curious what approach you have taken?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dang it, i have a hard time remembering if i used the plot mover in this program or if i let the madmax plotter program do that.
Nevertheless, in my case, i created my plots on one server and moved them to another server (supermicro with jbod).

Let me explain my setup.

Plotting server:

  • Lenovo server with 56 virtual cores, 256 GB ram, a simple ssd running ubuntu os, x2 Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2 NVMe in raid 0 and a 10 gbps nic.
    => The madmax created a plot each ~20 min and to the ram drive and outputted the plots to the NVMe drive (from what i can remember).
    => Samba share was “activated” on the NVMe raid 0 drive

Farming server:

  • An old supermicro server with 16 virtual cores, a 10 gbps nic and windows server 2019 (other specs is not important :slight_smile: )
    => This server had a mapped network drive to the samba share of the NVMe raid 0 drive
    => I then had a python program running (link below), which moved each plot to its actual destination drive. In my case a bunch of 12 TB samsung SAS drives
    => Unfortunately i dont remember the transfer speed over the 10 gbps link, but dang it was fast :slight_smile: I think the bottleneck where the actual destination drives, so the transfer speed was at least 200 mb/s

This is the “plot mover” which uses windows built in software called Robocopy. Which btw is multithreaded.
The program will “fill” 3 hdds concurrently until they run out of space.

Sorry for bad documentation.