Chia plotting Service k32-k34 High-speed 40Gbps

offer fast network support at 40Gbps delivery by download.

Here’s current pricing:

  • K32 = $0.20/Plot
  • K33 = $0.40/Plot
  • K34 = $0.80/Plot

Supports Crypto Payments Only

People can plot for <0.05$/k32 plot, which takes 2 months to repay.

Why would someone pay 4x more? :wink:

Eh, I suppose there is a break even point where having someone else hammer their gear is worth it (like uh oh, my plotting SSD just ate dirt and it’s cheaper to buy more plots rather than a new SSD). If my internet plan wasn’t so terrible I would be buying plots for the replottening here, it’s almost impossible to kick my kid off the gaming rig long enough to get some plots done lol.