Chia plotting service

Dear All,
We have a massive plots production we can build 2000 plots/per day.
All we need is your pool and farmer key. After job done all plots are transfered via link to your mail that you can download it.
Dont hesitate to contact us for any inquiry.
Dont waste a time start farming asap.

Also the price is very competitive
Payment can be made in crypto or flat USD EUR
contact me via DM or mail

PS we transfer worldwide no restriction

Best regards

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Thanks for offering this service.

Could you please mention the prices here and if there is any minimum order?

Well thank you for your request min order let be 8Tb and price will fluctuate from 3-8usd per plot depends on qty but we have max production up to 2000/plots per day and now is high demand because that it will be very good if can make approach client by client to check demands. In other hand we don’t want to make promise what we cant achieve.

Thanks for the details - I think that gives good idea of what you are offering and some estimated prices for people to plan better.

I am working on my hardware setup so I might ping you in a few days. Cheers!

Great you very welcome

Hello guys because high demand and question I make one page in three step how you can use our service and some basic prices. Also I want to mention custom order is available in parts or to get extra discount or to make some combination we are open for consultation.
And more interesting thing we updated our resource now we can do up to 6000plots per day.

Just ordered and Paid. Will let everyone know about my experience.

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I hope you will be satisfied with our service you will write review when plots deliver to you. Thank you for ordering

How does this work? We just provide our public key to you and you start plotting on your hdd? We just pay for the plotting on your end?

Well, you privide us pool and farmer key and we make plots for you and after is done you can download it to your hdd.
Namely we cant mine for you because we dont have your priv key. If you want to rent drives and farming on our disks please be free to contact us via email.

It’s not dangerous to give you public key and pool key? and where to find them ?

Farmer key and pool key you can find it via chia command line in power shell
If you need help I can write command

We are still accept orders don’t miss your chance with fair price all inquiry you can send here or through email or instant messages WhatsApp. Thank you for great support
Whatsapp +38766686303

Okay… So far the service has been awesome. Super easy and responsive. I chat with them on WhatApp, they answer all my questions and reply fast…

I paid with USDT and they started plotting as soon I I sent my public keys (Farmer public key and Pool public key) That’s it… They create the plots and give me a download link(password protected) Every plot I got was verified and checked all good not one bad one. On the 30 Proofs check all .8 or higher a lot of 1.+
Thing that you have to take into account is downloading and the throughput of the device your putting it on in, my case I can download faster than I can save. Also use a good download accelerator.

You should ask about their cohosting if they’re not sold out.

If you were thinking of getting this service I would I’ll be getting more for sure. I like probably you are worried about scams this is NOT one, it’s legit.



Thank you very much Scales for this awesome review thank you for supporting our work.

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We simplife our website for orders. Now easily orders can be placed
Our service can check here

How much are you asking per plot?

We charge from 3$-5$ per plot. Depends on qty you can send us inquiry and we will notify you shortly

Thank you for your interest in our service

At our place we conclude on all your requests price for plotting will be fixed from now 3$/plot