Chia pool, paid in BTC

With its ease of use, Nicehash (which pays multi-mining shares in btc) became popular among the noob GPU miners (the majority of miners by far).
Chia pooling is not mature yet, apart from official and un-official pooling, there is very little fresh idea.

If, a pool thinks afresh and decides to pay Chia farming shares in bitcoin, I’m pretty sure that the majority of farmers will flock to it.
In every trade, there is a time to be too late, pool operators are not spared here. :slight_smile:

Who is a Chia noob (the majority) and who is a Chia pro-ish:
Pro-ish (the manority): uses Linux, uses Madmax
Noob (the majority): uses Chia plotter on GUI

I somehow do not understand the meaning of this topic…
Is there some information or question hidden there that I didn’t recognize as such?

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I think this is possible and soon there will a pool (or pools) which pays chia shares in btc. PPS converted to btc will make the path much easier for many chia farmers.

PPS because the earnings are predictable therefore easy to convert to any coin on the market.