Chia Pool Plots vs Spacepool Contract Plots cleanup

Hi All,

Checked out forum support and a few Youtube videos, cant quite find a topic and guides specific to my dilemma, probably because people aren’t quite as dumb as me with this silly mistake :slight_smile:

A typical newbie to CHIA plot creation / mining mistake:

From day 1, I started creating plots using Chia farmer GUI (Proof of space PoS - Pool Key type only) then some weeks later I started adding newly created plots to Spacepool NFT pool (Pool Contract type). Plus I also had some spare notebooks running madmax to speed up plot creation and adding these to Spacepool pool contract too.

Issue is, I now have around 510 plots under Spacepool (linked to Pool Contract) and about 100 plots associated to the Chia farmer (only have a Pool key) all in the same “final destination directory” !!! - yep stupid me put them all in the same directory.

So my total plot count in CHIA under FARM PLOT COUNT = 610 (Pool Key and Pool Contract plots)

My aim is to either;

  1. Somehow move the specific “Chia farmer Pool Key plots” to now run under the existing Spacepool, so they are linked to the Spacepool “Pool Contract” ? (As shown in my Chia GUI).
  • however if that’s not possible;
  1. How to recognise the plot files (within MS windows file explorer), that are associated to the Chia farmer Pool Key only, (to clearly see which ones were created using CHIA and not linked under Spacepool Pool Contract) and then delete them from the windows final destination directory, and replot new plots under the Spacepool - Pool Contract.

To my learned colleagues;

a) Does anyone know how to possibly move these CHIA “Pool Key only” plots and bring them under the SpacePool pool contract?

or if moving plots to Spacepool is not possible

b) how then could I recognise the plots that are not associated to the Spacepool pool contract, so I can delete them in windows directory and replot? Plus clean up (delete correctly) these plots in the Chia GUI Plots listing

Hope above makes sense what I’m trying to achieve as my aim final aim is to free up HDD space so all plots are for Spacepool farming only.

Many thanks in advance for your guidance and feedback.


610 plots in one directory would mean a 60TB disk so i assume you have some kind of network attached storage, either JBOD or RAID.
All the same, i’m running v1.2.11 so maybe this is not in older versions but the GUI Plots section shows which plots have a pool key and which have a pool contract address.
When you hover the mouse over the filename column you’ll see the full filename.
If you plotted sequentially OG and NFT plots you’ll just have to note the first one with a pool contract address and notice the date/timestamp in the filename.
All before that are OG plots so can be moved/replotted.



I only have 7 plots on my test machine so you may have to click through a couple of pages at the bottom to find your first NFT plot!

And no, sorry but you can’t. Only NFT plots, plotted with a pool contract address can be pooled.

thanks heaps xkredr59 for coming back to me,

Yeah seems I’ll have to potentially resort back to a very long and laborious manual method of cross reference / deletion.

I’m running CHIA 1.2.11 and can see the plots that are both OG and NFT as per your picture. I’ve deleted a few of the plots under the Pool key that are not associated to the Pool contact for Spacepool.

However when I click the 3 dots to the right and hit “DELETE”, the plots aren’t so much “deleted” by the looks, they seem only to be “removed” from the CHIA farmer, thus leaving the actual .plot file on the HDD (final destination directory) still taking up ~104mb of storage for each file. If I also just deleted the plot from the CHIA farmer then I don’t know which ones on the actual HDD storage can then be safely deleted? My dilemma :slight_smile:

I can also see the filename when I hover over the column marked “Filename”.

So its going to be a long road to grab the filename itself from the CHIA farmer, then go to the directory on the HDD and delete that specific file (all 90+ of them :frowning: !!) uugghh - hence my dilemma, as I was hoping for an easier method.

I’ve also looked at other forums, youtube etc… for other workaround. Their seems to be a possible method of finding which .plot file is not working or invalid, so perhaps when I “DELETE” the plot in the CHIA farmer, I can then run a program or script across the HDD storage directory to locate the "non-working/invalid .plots (since they don’t farm to CHIA anymore) - but not sure about this approach?
I’m also running 64TB Qnap SAN with 2TB cache, all running well so far.


My workaround was to make use of the logic in the plot filenames.
Assuming you plotted k.32 plots all the time, all filenames are:
yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss being the date and time the plot was created.
Just sorting them alphabetically in the windows/linux client you can access the QNAP share with would make easy picking the first ~90 as ‘pool-key’ only or OG plots and the rest as poolable NFT plots.
I think the Plots section of the GUI also presents the plots in alphabetical order so there you could find the first NFT plot and knew where to cut exactly.
All this of course only if you plotted OG up till a certain date and only NFT thereafter!

And you only have to delete the OG files, in Plots the three dots top right will allow to Refresh Plots. That will be done automatically every 120 seconds anyhow so with a little patience you’ll see the plot counter decreasing anyhow.