Chia Pool | Best chia farming experience | whitelist open |

Hey I’m here to talk about the supermine chia farming pool
supports Both Unofficial and Official pooling protocols

The unofficial protocol will save your time with replotting and you can farm with old/current plots as long as you want

The official pool will follow up official pooling protocol

Numbers are random for design use

I WAS interested in checking it out. But when I go to the site and click on Dashboard or Marketplace, I get this:

Not too interested in a tech venture that can’t even run a basic website.


It will be fixed this Thursday 23rd June ,once we launch new website

Lol… then why did you announce here when it’s not launched yet. Professionals don’t do that unless they announce it’s an alpha or beta version for testing.

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@WolfGT @joelrb

It’s not launched yet. We are still in Alpha.

If you would like to be part of our test group, you are more than welcome.

We have been working 60 hours a week to build the infrastructure on the AWS side in order to optimize for security and solve a lot of the issues similar pools have faced such as the CPU limitations during payouts.

We didn’t ask pavaya66 to post about this but we appreciate the enthusiasm.

Our new website is up:

There is no registration until we verify through our Alpha and Beta testing that everything is gravy.

The whole backend is using AWS services with a lot of fault-tolerance put in place to handle migrations and multiple versions.

My main gig is working on an Elasticsearch multi-tenant deployment, but this has been driving my passion for the last month.

We have integrated as many client-side sanity checks as possible to make sure all the data sent to the backend is unique and can be verified without duplicates.