Chia Pool Waiting List with 0% fee offer before May 3rd

OK I see people sharing some links in this section, so I’ll do that as well. Mod’s please let me know if this is not the right place and I’ll remove it.

Let’s face it, we need pools! Netspace grows so fast that smaller farmers like me with my tiny 12TB are unlikely to ever get any reward. Chia core team works on zero-trust pool protocol with high prio (zero-trust means pool can’t scam you even if it wanted to, so not like hpool). If everything goes well we get first pools by the end of May! You can sign up for pool launch notification here: Chia.Garden Pool, if also gives you 0% fee for the first year of farming (if you sign up before trades open).

It’s also safe because it will only launch when pools are officially supported by chia network, and it will operate according to the official protocol.

Let’s farm together!


Who’s behind this? You?

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Yes, that’s mine (together with few other folks), which probably doesn’t tell you much. We’re following the changes to the source code and contacting the dev team occasionally to get this up and running asap after pool release.


Also, pool is the focus right now, but eventually we want to provide a whole bunch of tools/content for Chia ecosystem.

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Done a little article on your offer for our blog. New and small blog for now but we hope to grow with a YouTube channel coming soon. Please keep us up to date with anything new we can publish for you as we are really keen to follow the news in Chia. (Also signed up for the pool)
cheers JonBoy

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Just the .garden TLD on its own deserves kudos :slight_smile: Well done.

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Haha I know right? Fits right in! Thanks.

Thanks @JonBoyCrypto. Where can I find your blog? I’ll keep you in the loop.

This sound interesting, I’ve just subscribed to your mailing list, in case you see cold_pie173, it’s me :smiley:

yep, you’re in the list cold_pie173, welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Alex I signed up for the notifications. I’ll admit that the title of this post felt suspicious but your comments make it sound much less so :slight_smile:

Some minor feedback on the signup form in case it is helpful: it seems like plot quantity is generally talked about in TB units rather than plot count, I believe this is because people can be doing larger plots if they want, even though obviously k32 is the most common by far. The other reason is that I think people are thinking in terms of hardware… for instance I know that I probably am going to stop at about 6 HDDs, so I know I plan on farming about 70tb. More minor but “How much plots do you plan to harvest?” sounds a bit awkward, I believe “How many” reads nicer. Also there is a lot of confusion with people starting about harvesting and farming, and they are both appropriate terms but “How many plots do plan to farm with us” might be the cleanest wording. This is also nice because as pools roll out I believe many people will be farming their own existing plots as well as the new plots they have to create with pools, perhaps replotting slowly to move over to pools.

Anyways, hopefully that feedback helps!


Thank you @basilhorowt! Very valuable feedback.

@Alex here is the article i did for you mate,

i think i have you a couple of signups :slight_smile:

I tend to focus on ways to make more crypto by mining, referrals, farming lp, staking etc…

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Is there a way to join without email ads? From the Privacy Policy:

We may share Your personal information in the following situations: * With business partners: We may share Your information with Our business partners to offer You certain products, services or promotions.

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  • we do not gather any data about you apart from the email (which is, obviously, essential for us to contact you again). Even name is optional.
  • we will never sell your email to the third party.
  • we do not have ads on a website.
  • and we do not even have a tracker (there was google analytics there once, but it got removed).

We do use to manage the subscription list, so they do have your email. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to manage mailing list without some kind of SaaS tool.

There was another thread about pool for this forum - is this it or that will be different? Any ideas? Thanks

Where is the best place to get info on how pools work and safety? Thanks for sharing.

Should I do re plotting again? I am most curious about this!

Unfortunately yes. Chia dev team has confirmed that official pooling protocol will require participants to re-plot. On the bright side, these new plots will allow you to switch pool at any time (you won’t need to re-plot again to switch).


Just joined the list, good job.

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