Chia pools, how do i create a portable plots, and how i move it between pools?

So i installed 1.2.0

and created a self pool
after i created a plot using Madmax
.\chia_plot.exe -n 1 -t E:\temp\ -d D:\plots\ -f FARMER_KEY -c SELF_POOL_KEY

since i wanted to test, and joined a pool

now my doubt is: how i change the plot i created in the self pool to the other pool?
and if i create a plot using the new pool key, can i switch pool with the same plot? and how?

i went through the github wiki from chianet, or i miss it or isnt explained, is you can use plots created in self pool, if those can be moved to external pools?

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Yes, that NFT, self or not, is a sort of digital tag key you can use to get in, to get out, from self to pool, from pool to another, from a pool back to self.


but that plot that i created under the self adress, doent show in the pool


So you cannot move plots plotted with self pool contract keys?
you can only move plots between pools, those created with external contract keys?

You bit messed up with the keys, maybe

What I suggest to cut further confusion:
Go through Chia app as if you are going to create a real plot. On the New NFT section, choose that self pool (Green Jellyfish) you already created and start create.
A new plot will start. Open log, and copy all the info into Notepad (any text editor). Now delete that plot in progress to stop it.
In that text you just copied, look for the 2 keys for:
-f *** -c ***

my problem is not creating new plots, I’m using the right keys to create them.
as you can see in the example command i used:
.\chia_plot.exe -n 1 -t E:\temp\ -d D:\plots\ -f FARMER_KEY -c SELF_POOL_CONTRACT_KEY

the problem is that i created a plot with one contract key (self pooling), and that plot is not shown in the pool i joined.

was reading the CLI help, but still not get it

Try this

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pending, lets see xD

That is the way, “Pending” is normal. Takes a bit for the switch.

Now i have a mess xD

but that plot already under the pool

i think i can delete that “Pink Porpoise” under config.yaml

also a new self pool was created

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I say good luck now :slight_smile:

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will continue to test it, by changing pools.
and will test again go back to self pool

i prefer have this stuff tested, and i have understanding all stuff, than start plotting and have some kind of problem under 1000+ plots.

It is a bit messy, no delete option, it gets all over the place.

Under config.yaml, you can replace the receiving wallet addresses. Other than that, I have some “yet to test” problems by deleting stuff there. I got a always conflict problem with loading “Circles” circling round and round forever on the miner after deleting things there. Yet to confirm.

It might as well that you can never delete an NFT (those bits and bobs of fish names) once created. So do with moderation.

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ok, just changed pools, and after some time under “Pending”, it changed.

also making a plot with the nexuspoll contract key, need to see if that plot will be detected by the new pool i am.

im wondering who receive the fee paid for changing pools?

Not the pool, the Chia Network receives it.

So i created 2 plots with nexuspool contract key, and ofc they were detected under nexus pool in gui.

but not from my current active pool maxxio, still show only one plot.

now will create a plot with my current active pool, and see what happens.

OMG, are you guys be able to do anything?

so, now i have 2 plot created under one contract key, and 2 other under another contract key.

wanted to join the 4 under the same pool, and this happened:

Now have 2x maxio pool, and cant figure out how to have 4 plots under the same pool.

Is anyone having this kind of issues too? or you have everything running smoothly?

How is this even possible? though they had tested all stuff before release

So. already made some plots. and have added some 50 OG’s also.

but today was checking and got 2 proofs found in a row.

now, how do i know that those proofs were found with OG’s or NFT plots?

Wow what a mess. I am sticking to hpool until all this is fixed.