Chia_recompute_server config

how to config chia_recompute_server in linux?
is there a config file or something?

To start server where GPU are located use:

On harvester run this command

export CHIAPOS_RECOMPUTE_HOST=… on the harvester (replace … with the IP address or host name of the compute machine, and make sure to restart via chia stop all -d

to check if it was correctly added run export and it will print everything.

Not sure how to make export parameters permanent because once you restart, you need to re-run export CHIAPOS_RECOMPUTE_HOST=…

thanks. maybe add in crontab ?

good idea! will try it

no luck with crontab, any suggestion?

If you can’t find out here, check the official Discord : there’s a lot more activity than here

I have not try it yet but I guess this is the right way:

Hello guys!
I am trying to configure a harvester thought chia recompute, but i cannot succeed…
Can someone explain me, step by step, how to do it?
I am using Windows 11.
Thanks in advance!