Chia start harvester python error


every FIRST time i execute command chia start harvester for the remote harvester i got this error, after that i immediately close the shell window and repeat it again and this time everything is ok. i just wonder WTH is that and why.

Just write ./chia.exe start harvester

This should fix your problem.

no, it should not. this is something else

.\chia.exe start harvester

Sorry I Mixed the /

no this is not about slash angle :upside_down_face:

The last line in your image reads:
[5076] Failed to execute script ‘chia’ due to unhandled exception!

So I wonder if it has anything to do with your harvester?
It might be a “chia.exe” specific issue.

Have you tried running other “chia.exe” commands?..
chia farm summary
chia plots show

Do any of those output complaints?

this is not about chia.exe