Chia submits approval documents to Nasdaq for IPO - True story?

The first blockchain listing project!Chia submits approval documents to Nasdaq for IPO or early launch

is this fake news or true story ?
I find weird that only this media outlet published this…

No idea if it’s true or not, but It could well be. I mean if they are still planning to launch the IPO this year or beginning next year, it would be about time to submit applications because those things take a bit of time to get processed.

It states “With the launch of Chia’s native token XCH on mainstream exchanges such as Coinbase, OKEx, Huobi, etc., the global Internet’s mining operations for Chia are in full swing.”

Chia isn’t on coinbase, so who knows where they are getting their info.

Also, the article doesn’t list an author… Who knows who put that up, and why.

Listed in fact no,
but it lists the prices:

I can see xch charts on coinbase.
Why have charts if its not tradeable?

Hmm seems your correct, its not on their list.

How sure are we about the “launch the IPO this year or beginning next year” ?

Coinbase lists all crypto prices just like coinmarketcap (owned by binance, they paid last year a 400 million for it)

At this point I don’t believe a word of the article until there is an official press release from the CHIA team.

Secondary, I wouldn’t trust that site for a single dime, it’s simply pulling auto articles left and right without own authors

Domain wise:

This tells even that it is on a cheap shared hosting, prob namecheap as the domain was obtained there also …

Just a get traffic … domain + adsense without REAL content

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Not sure at all, they keep it pretty close to the chest which i guess they have to. But the hints seem to point that this is still the plan