Chia sync is too slow

Hi guys, I need little bit of help from you guys related to the sync problem. I installed the Chia in SSD and first day it sync around 6,000,00 and this is my 5th day it is still in 1654120/31128862. I dont know what to do to increase the speed of sync. I am using the network provider Airtel. In the router there is an option for port forwarding but i dont know what are the things need to be changed in it.Can anyone go through the router options or information and please guide me

Application Name

Custom settings
WAN Port
LAN Port
Internal Client

Custom settings

Enable Mapping

WAN Connection List


Chia sync is quite hdw dependent. More HP, more sync…but only to a point. Last time I did it on a AMD 3600 it was days, and day, and days, no joke, to get into sync. Worse, I was only updating from a few months ago! Exceedingly slow to my mind. Could the whole process be sped up? Absolutely. Will it be? Good question, but it certainly needs to be. Starting from scratch would be a royal PITA.

If you dare, you can always download the entire thing from some 3rd party. Some swear by that method.

Yesterday, on Ubuntu, and on a competing blockchain, I did a sync from scratch and it took 30 minutes on my I5-11400 PC. It was night and day watching the relative speed of updates vs Chia, as it flew through to 360,000 height. Sure nothing as big compared to Chia, but still.

All you can do is be patient, let it do its thing, albeit slowly.

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  1. What is your intend?
    → if you farm, use full node (farming mode)
    → if you want to use it as wallet, make transactions, mint nfts etc, use wallet mode (basically for all other use cases than farming)

  2. What is your internet connection speed?
    → in the wallet, on the top right corner, you can show your connections:

    → you can also use a Webpage like
    → how are you connected to the router? (lan/wifi/lan over power cable)

  3. What is your hardware?

  • what cpu do you use?
  • how much ram do you have?
  • what kind of harddrive are you using?
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  1. Farm mode is my intend

I am using Ethernet LAN

  1. I am using I3-10100 WINDOWS 10 PRO
    RAM- 8 GB
    500GB SSD for chai install and 1TB HDD for plotting.

What should i do in this case?

Thank you bro for your information.

You should get an extra NVMe. It will speed up your syncing, and overall working (especially during the dust storms). Also, the traffic on that db is quite high, so you don’t want to kill your OS drive.

The Internet / Ethernet speed is irrelevant, as chia chokes either on the CPU (the main full_node process killing one core) or drive access. The RAM usage is rather low. You should monitor those two (CPY by core not overall CPU), and adjust as needed (CPU and drive). However, the sync process sucks, so the best option is download.

All the claims about security issues are just one big FUD. Sure, you could get a corrupt db, but that is not really a security issue but rather health of you node (may prefer a forked branch that is a dead end, so no security harm here). Other than that, I don’t think that anything else was said about it.

Yes, there is a potential of attack if 50+ percent of nodes will download it, but that is basically not feasible. One easy way to prevent it is to have chia offer downloads or bless someone to do that. As the problem is on the farmer’s side, they rather don’t care about that part as they produce sample code only.

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Do nothing, buy nothing, just be patient, you are half way